Welcome, dear ones.

I'm Nicole, and I'm really freaking glad you're here.

This world can be really bewildering – we get messages from a thousand different sources every minute, and much of it is conflicting, or created to make us feel less-than. We’re taught to use only our minds to make decisions, and that living from our hearts means we’re “woo woo,” or being sissies, or being weak.

Well, I call bullshit on that.

I believe that learning to live in balance with our egos and spirits is one of the biggest keys to a good life. The more we learn how to love ourselves and the more we find the freedom to be who we're meant to be, the more quickly the world will shift. You are made of divine energy and earth matter, and there is absolutely nothing that takes more courage and strength than living from our hearts. So forget the haters.

I believe in the sacredness of all people, regardless of race, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, ability, or economic background. You are welcome here, and I will do my best to provide safe space for you. I also believe in ruthless compassion, and I'm going to use it to help you learn self-love, and how to balance the reality we live in with the spirit that lives within us.

The path to self-awareness in the modern age can be overwhelming, but everyone deserves the empowerment to reach for a happier life - including you. I hope what you find here resonates with you, and I'm so grateful that you've visited.

Big love,