Welcome, dear ones.

My name is Nicole, and I'm a teacher, lightworker, naturalist, and artist.

I'm really freaking glad you're here.

This world can be really bewildering – we get messages from a thousand different sources every minute, and much of it is conflicting, or created to make us feel less-than. We’re taught to use only our minds to make decisions, and that living from our hearts means we’re “woo woo,” or being sissies, or being weak.

Well, I call bullshit on that.

I believe that learning to live in balance with our egos and spirits is one of the biggest keys to joy. The more we learn how to love ourselves and the more we find the freedom to be who we're meant to be, the more quickly the world will shift. You are made of divine energy and earth matter, and there is absolutely nothing that takes more courage and strength than living from our hearts. So forget the haters.

I believe in the sacredness of all people, regardless of race, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, ability, or economic background. You are welcome here, and I will do my best to provide safe space for you. I also believe in ruthless compassion, and I'm going to use it to help you learn self-love, and how to balance the reality we live in with the spirit that lives within us.

Inner work isn't always pretty, but it's always the right thing to do. I don't believe in dancing around the ugly parts. Let's acknowledge them, feel them, have some wine, and move past them, because otherwise they stick around.

The path to self-awareness in the modern age can be overwhelming, but everyone deserves the empowerment to reach for a happier life - including you. I hope what you find here resonates with you, and I'm so grateful that you've visited.

Big love,



You want to know more about me? Aww, shucks. Keep scrolling.



I've spent nearly ten years working in outdoor recreation and several of those years learning wildlife rehabilitation. I love plants, ecosystems, and thunderstorms. Animals are one of my biggest passions. Art is another; I love to carve blockprints and rubber stamps, experiment with watercolor and paper collage, and I occasionally get lost in my studio, sewing like there's nothing else in the world to do. 

My formal degree is in Anthropology (the study of human culture), but only because there are currently no degrees in being a badass warrior goddess determined to liberate fellow humans. I tend to get uncontrollably excited when indigenous cultural stories about natural phenomena come together with art, and this is often reflected in my own art.

I'm also a survivor of sexual assault and domestic violence. Depression, anxiety, and PTSD are entities I've walked with in my travels, and I'm not afraid to talk about it. I will not let myself or anyone else be shamed over the very real struggle of learning how to exist in a culture that grew too quickly and in all the wrong directions. I am sensitive and empathic and I like it that way.


I recognize that there are hierarchies of power in society; I am oppressed for being female, but I benefit from being Caucasian, cisgender, educated, able-bodied, and Western. These are not topics I am willing to argue; there are a great many other places where those arguments can be entertained, but this is not one of them. Please keep this in mind when commenting on the blog - in the world of Google, there is an endless bevy of information available from which you can learn, and I encourage you to do so. 

I believe that society devalues us from birth and benefits financially from doing so. I believe that society encourages us to place people into the categories of "good" and "bad," and "right" and "wrong." This promotes division and hostility, and I believe that this is bullshit. Part of my purpose in being here is to challenge such notions and provide perspectives against society's messages that can, I hope, help people to grow and heal in their hearts - and then spread that healing around them.

I believe that we need to learn and deeply understand one another's perspectives, particularly when it comes to the hierarchies of power. I believe that men need to listen to women about sexism, that Caucasians need to listen to People of Color about racism, that those without disabilities need to listen to those with disabilities about ableism, that cisgender people need to listen to trans people about transphobia, et cetera. We don't have time to argue opinions based in nothing but conjecture - people are suffering, right now, in this moment, and we must do all that we can to end that needless suffering. We must put down our defenses and listen, learn compassion, and learn to give up What We Think We Know about how society works. We have a great deal of dismantling to do; let's do it together.


I've had the great blessing to spend a substantial amount of time in nature, with the standing ones, swimming ones, flying ones, crawling ones, and our ancestors in the trees, stones, sky, water, and moon. Just as they would give to anyone committed to listening, they have given me deep, precious teachings and support in ways that are often difficult to receive from our human families in this age. 

I've had the privilege and honor to study under indigenous elders Saundra Pathweaver, her sister Carol Fireheart, and Sweet Medicine Horse Nation. Their generously shared, sacred teachings have shaped and informed every piece of my life. These teachings are held with honor and gratitude in my heart and are reflected in much of what I share here.

I believe that every soul has endured some form of trauma, whether or not we are willing to label it as such. I believe that we are capable of healing from that trauma, of learning to listen to - and trust - what our hearts tell us about our lives. I believe these things because I have lived them, and that's why I'm here - to share in your journey with you. Take what resonates with you and leave the rest, and work your ass off to seek balance within yourself. The more we balance ourselves personally, the more others will be able to balance themselves. What we create within, we create without.

Change the chaos around you by conquering the chaos within you.

Sometimes "New Age" philosophies help, sometimes indigenous elders are generous enough to share their wisdom with us, and sometimes, medication and therapy are the keys to putting a bridle on our inner chaos. Whatever the method, be fearless in approaching it, use it wisely, and learn to prosper. Be gracious, humble, and never give up the journey of self-evolution.

I hope you'll join me, but if none of this resonates with you, that's okay too - I still wish many blessings upon you!