Spraying Light: A Simple Visualization for Healing


So there are a lot of meditations and visualizations out there. Like, a lot.

And yet, I still find myself making up my own because I can't sit still long enough, or I don't feel like trying to imagine something I've never seen before. (Or I'm too lazy to look one up and my over-active brain just spontaneously fills my mind's eye with its own ideas.) I tried this one out for all of two minutes and had myself laughing out loud, so I wanted to share it in hopes that you can benefit from it as well!


You only need to picture two things: a spray paint can that, instead of paint, is full of light (I suggest golden light, but I've included a visual of two other options if you prefer white or pink - or hell, try them all!). This can literally never runs out - it's always full, and you always have it.


And second, see any negativity, trauma, or limiting beliefs/thoughts as dark masses - whether they're in the shape of lazy bubbles, jiggling amoebas (mine are amoebas), skittering unidentified insect-shapes, or just little black clouds. They can be inside you, or they can leave your self and run around the house, attempting to cause mayhem.

Just take your handy can of light, aim it, and press the nozzle.

Watch that little mass dissipate in the glory of the shining golden light. Then get back to whatever the hell you were doing, trusting that the more you spray it with healing light, the more healing you will receive.

The reason I had myself laughing out loud was that, during my visualization, the amoebas would pop out of me and run around, trying to wreak havoc, and I was chasing them with the spray can like the angry chef chasing Remy the rat in Ratatouille. It made the meditation light and entertaining, like a game of Who Can Heal the Most Yuck. Remember that, as with any visualization technique, healing requires facing the roots of our "amoebas" and dealing with them - but after that, this will help clean up the mess.

Check it out!

I enjoyed it so much that I even put the magical spray cans in my Society6 and Redbubble shops, so if you love this viz, you can get a utilitarian reminder to do it often, like a tote bag or some stickers.

Are you going to give this one a try? If so, please do come back and tell me what you thought! :D Thanks for joining me, gems.

Big love,